The Team


The CHEESE Project was setup in 2015, Bristol’s Green Capital year, by a small group of local people concerned about climate change and who wanted to make Bristol a truly sustainable city. It was formally founded as an unincorporated association in August 2016, governed by a five-member volunteer management committee working to a formal constitution (PDF). In February 2018, the CHEESE Project was registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), limited by guarantee. For more information on the structure and organisation of the CHEESE Project, please read our articles of association (PDF).

The project is managed by a central office and operates with community organisations to carry out our Heatview┬« thermal surveys. Our community partners are based in Bristol (more details on who we work with can be found here).



Mike was a BBC TV senior producer responsible for budgets of millions of pounds while directing environmental TV series that won international awards. He subsequently ran his own company for 10 years, contributing ideas to national environment exhibitions including the Eden Project. He was a founder of the CHEESE project in 2014 and has worked pro bono since then.

ROZ THOMAS – Vice-Chair and director of training and membership

Roz has completed two phases as a surveyor and in summer 2019 joined the team to become more involved with the project all year round. Her first tasks have been streamlining the survey process and helping the recruitment of new tracers the upcoming season. Roz has a Geography degree and has since pursued career in the energy sector, currently working as a renewable energy analyst.

JOSHUA MUDIE – Non executive Director and Treasurer

Joshua became involved with The CHEESE Project through volunteering as part of the Asking Bristol initiative. He is a Financial Services auditor, working for EY in Bristol. His educational background was in Civil Engineering, where he gained an undergraduate MEng from the University of Bristol, continuing on to complete a PhD in the field of Timber-Concrete Composite Floors, awarded in 2020. 

GEOFFREY HUNTER – Non executive Director

Geoffrey has an MChem in Materials Engineering and Chemistry. He worked for Glass Technology Services as a forensic glass analyst and fracture engineer. He has a PGCE in teaching Physics and Chemistry and taught at Merchants Academy. He was previously a thermographic imaging surveyor for CHEESE. He is at dissertation stage (focussing upon challenges and opportunities relating to air tightness) of his MSc in Building Surveying and is a new graduate building control surveyor for ACT surveyors.


TRACEY KOVACS – Development Co-ordinator

Tracey joined the organisation April 2023. She is passionate about raising awareness of how we all can make small changes to improve the energy efficiency in our homes, including how low-cost remedial actions can save householders money, improve their comfort and well-being, and work towards reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Her role is varied and includes engagement with general public, attending events, marketing, administration, and a range of other duties to ensure the project’s successful seasons.


Our highly-valued surveyors undertake a specially-designed, intensive, CPD registered training course in our unique survey protocol, using bespoke software and equipment. They then carry out monitored training surveys to reach the required standard. They are self-employed, setting their own work schedule.