Our Mission

The CHEESE PROJECT CIC is the company that helps you keep warm, while saving money and addressing climate impact.

The CHEESE Project C.I.C. (Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts) has been combating fuel poverty and reducing carbon footprints since 2014. Using a unique low-cost system, we have already assisted over 600 householders in Bristol to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes. About a quarter of our surveys are done for free for those on low incomes, thanks to grants. 

Most of the buildings in the UK; are thermally inefficient. Much of the energy we use to heat them escapes, providing little benefit, costing us money, and releasing carbon. Domestic energy consumption accounts for approximately one third of UK energy demand. Of that, space-heating and heating water account for approximately 80% of total domestic energy consumption. One study has shown that we need to reduce domestic demand by 57% if we are to reduce global warming to an ‘acceptable’ 2C. By helping you understand your home and where heat is escaping, we enable you to make a positive contribution to reducing climate disruption, whilst also saving money on bills, and improving comfort, health and well-being. 

As much as thirty percent of domestic heating can be lost through draughts. We reveal these and other insulation/construction faults, thanks to thousands of expert pro bono hours spent developing our unique, low-cost, internal thermal survey equipment, Heatview® software, camera and survey protocol (using pressure-reduction with big fans) and specialised training. Householders participate in the surveys by watching on a tablet screen, where they can actually see how energy is escaping from their homes. Having revealed precisely where the faults lie, these can be targeted easily, and often for under £100, by DIY-style methods. This enables a rapid pay-back in energy and bills saved. I could clearly see where the cold gets in. When you can see it you can fix it.” Survey customer.

This provides a powerful motivation for people like you to take action. Together with Bristol University, we analysed energy-saving actions taken by our clients after one month and one-year-on, for two successive years. This revealed that two thirds of our customers take remedial energy-saving action within one month of survey – an extremely high response rate, and 87% within a year.  

It is in the largest homes that energy and carbon savings can be greatest. However, since the the cold homes of those in poverty are proved to cause poor health, there also can be a secondary financial and greenhouse-gas benefit to society through less illness and medical treatment. With the help of grants and our member community NGOs, we offer surveys for free to those on low incomes. 

“Far more accurate and empowering than any Energy Performance Certificate.” Survey client.