Thermal Imaging Surveys – find out where and how your home loses heat!

The Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts (CHEESE) Project is a Bristol-based not-for-profit CIC.

Keep warm, save money, help save the planet!

Our aim is to reduce domestic energy losses, at low-cost. Surveys start at just £275. With a voucher from Retrofit West you can save 2/3rds towards the cost. Go to Retrofit West CIC – Homeowner Assessment Accelerator enter your details and a voucher will be emailed to you directly. Our surveys can also be completely free to people in poor housing conditions and in fuel poverty. Our award winning thermal-imaging surveys vividly show up those draughts, missing insulation and construction faults – enabling you to understand your home and pinpoint the issues. Then with some low-cost DIY they can be targeted effectively.

Please, first check your home is within our postcode-defined survey area via Postcodes We Cover

CHEESE helps you and yours keep warm, save money and help save the planet.

Other benefits of a survey? You can improve your comfort and wellbeing, and reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint. You home will be more energy efficient; helping you reduce your energy bills and help with climate change!

Poorly fitted window
Cold loft enterance
Missing cavity wall insulation
Draught between floorboards
Cold bathroom vent

Customer testimonials

“I’m so happy with what you did, you should do it to everyone’s home, especially when people are buying houses.  The experience of seeing the thermal images was mind boggling, it says it all, it opens your eyes to everything.

We found the surveyors very passionate and I just wanted to say how BRILLIANT the CHEESE Survey experience was! … polite, great at listening, helpful and interesting in a perfect balance. I got so much out of it. I have already started sealing gaps and stuffing holes under skirting boards – I swear its warmer already! – it was inspiring. I will spread the word.   and would certainly recommend this survey to others. Many thanks.”

“The most striking aspect of the survey for me was the focus on cold draughts, which is probably not what most people first think of, but is also probably easiest to do something about. . . this is a particularly positive message as the kind of things that usually come to mind are big and potentially daunting projects like getting double glazing or insulation.

Our survey season has now closed due to rising temperatures. We expect to re-open October 2024 once the temperature drops again.
Please register your interest by clicking on the bookings button and we’ll make sure to reach out to you before the new season opens to talk about booking your survey.