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Redland climate change and energy talks

Nikki Jones, a researcher, writer and journalist on oil, gas and energy will give a series of 6 free talks in Redland every Tuesday from 5th March to April 9th at 7.30 pm. They are fully updated from previous years. The venue is the Mustard Room at the Kensington Arms in Redland. The atmosphere is relaxed and each lecture is self contained. The event in the series is a discussion to draws together the threads of previous talks and points to what we as individuals can do. It is easy to go... read more »

New-build homes: why some owners are left feeling the cold

A recently published Guardian article highlights serious problems with the thermal efficiency of new-build homes in the UK. It suggests two issues are at the heart of the matter: dot-and-dab dry lining and poor standards of inspection. Dot-and-dab is a technique of attaching plasterboard to masonry walls when it is not possible to use screws or nails. Adhesive is applied directly to the wall in 'dots' and 'dabs' and the board stuck to it. The approach provides quick and easy way to dry line... read more »

Climate Coalition Green Heart Hero Award nomination

We are thrilled to have been nominated for the Climate Coalition's Green Heart Hero Award, for the most inspirational community project. Green hearts reflect the belief in the possibility of a cleaner, safer future; the ambition and efforts of projects big and small that are transforming communities everywhere; and the force of millions who are protecting the things they love. The Green Heart Hero Awards are a chance to celebrate these extraordinary endeavours and give our neighbours a huge... read more »

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