I would like to become an Energy Tracer, what do I need to do?

Please read our page on working as an Energy Tracer on the project and get in touch by emailing us.

I don't live in Bristol, but can I train to become an Energy Tracer?

If you are interested in becoming an Energy Tracer but do not live in the Bristol area, then, providing we have enough capacity, you may attend one of our training courses in Bristol as a guest. If you are part of a group of people interested in the Energy Tracer training and then it may be possible for us to run a CHEESE training course in the location where you are based. (In this case, you might be are interested in setting up a CHEESE Segment to provide surveys in your area, and this is the subject of the next question.)

Since we are a small organisation with funding to operate in Bristol, we cannot provide funding for training further afield. For groups, you would need funding to cover the expenses of the course. For an individual attending Bristol training, you would need to cover a modest course fee and your own transport, accommodation and food expenses. If you find opportunities for funding in your local region to do this, we are happy to support any applications you make.

If you are interested in these possibilities, or have any more questions, then please get in touch with us via email.

Can I establish a new CHEESE group outside of Bristol?

The CHEESE Project is a small, volunteer-led organisation and we operate with limited resources, however we are keen to expand what we do to other UK cities, and even further afield. Our work in Bristol has demonstrated how the project can be scaled between local community energy groups in different city wards, in what we call CHEESE Segments. Where possible, the Bristol CHEESE Segments carry out surveys in their own areas, with their own Energy Tracers and equipment.

This same approach can be applied to set up Segments outside of Bristol, for organisations to operate under the CHEESE name. To do this, you would need to secure your own funding and resources to manage the project, coordinate and perform surveys. Since the CHEESE Project is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation, a new Segment would similarly operate not for profit.

To help you establish a Segment, we would share with you our experience, processes, equipment specifications and software, and provide training for Energy Tracers. It is our principal concern is that any expansion of the CHEESE Project maintains an outstanding standard of community engagement, Energy Tracer proficiency, and survey delivery and we would work closely with you to ensure this.

If you are interested in setting up a new CHEESE Segment, then please read carefully through the information on this website to understand how we operate, in particular our project progress report and constitution, investigate opportunities for resourcing and funding a new group in your area, and then get in touch with us via email. We would be excited to hear from you.

Are home thermal imaging surveys available outside of Bristol?

We don't currently offer surveys elsewhere in the UK. However, CHEESE may expand further afield in the future; if you are interested in helping this to happen, then see the two previous questions.