Complaints procedure

The CHEESE Project aims to provide an excellent service of a standard acceptable to all our customers, partners and team members. If we fail to do this we want to know about it. This will enable us not only to deal with the specific problem, but also avoid it happening again.

Our complaints procedure sets out how individuals can take up matters about the service they have received from us where they believe it has been unsatisfactory.

  1. If you have a complaint to make, it should be made to the Managing Director* immediately who will try to resolve the issue informally.
  2. If the issue is serious, or you are not satisfied after raising it with the Managing Director, you should make a formal complaint.
  3. Your complaint should be made in writing, marked “Private & Confidential”, and sent to the Managing Director who will acknowledge it in writing (normally within 7 days of receipt). Remember to keep a copy of your letter. If you need an interpreter or advocate to help you make your complaint, The CHEESE Project can arrange this for you.
  4. The Managing Director shall – in consultation with the Board of Directors – investigate the complaint.
  5. The Managing Director shall communicate the results of the investigation to you within a reasonable time – normally 21 days.
  6. Escalation: You have the right – if dissatisfied with the results of the inquiry – to put your case in writing or personally to a panel comprising at least three members from The CHEESE Project Management Committee. If attending personally, you have the right to be accompanied by a friend or advocate to help put your case. (The panel also has the right to have an adviser present).
  7. The decision of the panel will be final.
  8. Where appropriate, The Project will make a written apology to the complainant, and agree any further action necessary to make good the cause of the complaint.
  9. All formal complaints and the response made to them will be recorded and filed in a secure place.
  10. The Management Committee shall be informed by the Managing Director at the first available meeting of the number and nature of any formal complaints and their outcome, and consideration will be given to the implications these have for the planning and management of future services, as part of The CHEESE Project’s self-evaluation.

* If a complaint relates to the Managing Director, read ‘other nominated member of the Management Committee’ for ‘Managing Director’ throughout this policy.

What information do we need?

When contacting The CHEESE Project regarding a complaint please provide the following details:

  • Name and organisation name if applicable;
  • Contact details;
  • If appropriate the nature of the complaint including what happened and when it happened;
  • The member of the CHEESE Project team whom the complaint is about;
  • Any action taken so far;
  • What you think may help to rectify the issue.

The CHEESE Project’s complaints procedure will be publicised to organisations and individuals who use its services.