One-year feedback

As part of the CHEESE survey process, we check in with householders one month and one year after the survey. After one year we would we would like to find out how you have got on and what effect the changes have had. This data is important for us to demonstrate the effectivness of what we do.

Please complete the form below to provide us with your one-year feedback.

Details of your remedial work

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Your wellbeing
Future remedial work
Changes in behaviour
Feedback to us

We would like to hear what you think about: how useful the survey was, your overall satisfaction, and anything else at all you would like to let us know.

Please make sure you have read our privacy notice that explains what personal data we collect, why we collect it and how we keep it safe.

Please tell your neighbours, friends and family about CHEESE surveys! We are not for profit, independent and community based and we rely on satisfied customers to help us to expand our work. So, if you were pleased with your survey and its results, then please spread the word and help us to fight cold homes and climate change. If you would like some paper leaflets or to find out more about helping with the project, then please get in touch.