Thermal-imaging survey of the Reptile House at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Jamie Hanlon, March 2020

We recently conducted a thermal-imaging survey in Bristol Zoo Garden’s Reptile House, paid for by the zoo’s energy provider Bristol Energy Ltd. The survey will help Bristol Zoo Gardens, which is operated by conservation and education charity Bristol Zoological Society, to reduce their energy consumption, cut their carbon emissions and save money.

Elinor Kershaw, Sustainability and Projects Co-ordinator at Bristol Zoo Gardens, said:

We have learnt a lot about how the building works which we could never have seen from looking at the equipment and the energy bills alone. It was also fascinating to see the animal enclosures and some of the animals through thermal imaging. The videos taken during the survey will be reviewed to prepare an internal report on the building. We also plan to share the results and information on the heat-mapping process with our Green Team and wider staff.

Read more about the survey on Bristol Energy's blog and in the Renewable Energy Magazine.

In the thermal photos above, the cold-blooded crocodile is difficult to make out becasue there is little contrast between its body and the enclosure, compared with the conventional photo.

Above are photos of Brian Harper conducting the survey, with assistance from staff from the zoo.