The weather forecast is cold cold and more cold

Maddy Longhurst, January 2019

This coming week's highest Bristol temperatures are hovering around 6 degrees according to the met office. And the news everywhere is talking about preparing for a national, prolonged cold snap.

Unless you live in a brilliantly insulated retrofitted, or new build eco-home, you'll probably be feeling the cold creeping in and you'll be turning the heating up to compensate.

The C.H.E.E.S.E Project is here to change that. By having a thermal-imaging heat-loss survey, you will have all the information you need about where exactly the problems are and how you can target your time and money in the best way to make the biggest difference to your comfort and your bills.

Surveys are low cost and are offered free to people on low incomes and benefits.

Apply for a survey today, understand your home better and take action.

Here's feedback from a customer who had their survey done this year:

We had a survey done on Monday, and I have been fixing leaks ever since :-) It was an absolute pleasure to have the guys around and I found the information supplied extremely useful. I cannot recommend The CHEESE Project @CHEESEBristol highly enough. Thank You!'