Volunteering opportunities with CHEESE this winter

October 2018

With our winter survey season fast approaching, we are looking for volunteers to assist with our home energy surveys. As an assistant, you will provide support to an Energy Tracer surveyor with the handling and setting up of equipment, and engagement with householders. This is a great opportunity to gain experience of our work and surveying approach, and to make a positive contribution to tacking climate change and fuel poverty. For ideas of other ways that you can help with CHEESE, please see our volunteering page.

If you would like to volunteer with CHEESE, or have any specific questions, then please send us an email to introduce yourself.

Please note that since our surveys involve meeting members of the public and visiting their homes, we will need you to supply us with a short CV and two short character references. This is part of our operations policy and we ask all new surveyors to do so. The references can be from friends or employers but need to be a written paragraph or two, not just a telephone number.