2018 project progress reports

October 2018

We have recently published two reports on our last year and the 2017/18 survey season.

Our progress report outlines how the project has developed. It highlights that last year was a crucial step in the project's development. We engaged with a range of community organisations, helping us to expand the project, and as such we performed the largest number of surveys in a season to date, with consistent high-quality feedback from householders. We have also been continuing to develop our technology, raise money and lobby local and national government.

The analysis report presents our findings from the data we have collected from surveys and the follow ups we do with householders. It analyses data from the 2016/17 and 2017/18 survey seasons, from a total of 111 respondents, and shows that overall survey satisfaction is high, with householders satisfied with all aspects of their survey, and that 69% of householders had undertaken some form of remedial action one month after their survey.

You can read the progress report here (PDF).

You can read the analysis report here (PDF).

Reports from previous years can be found on the documents page.