Successful registration as a community interest company (CIC)

February 2018

We are very pleased to announce that, effective from 14th February 2018, the CHEESE project is now registered as a community interest company (CIC).

This status was granted by the CIC regulator on the basis that the our activities are carried out for the benefit of residents of Greater Bristol and then the United Kingdom and that they contribute to a reduction in energy loss from homes. The project also assists those who have difficulty affording their fuel bills to have more comfortable homes. It helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel bills, contributing to warmer homes and a cooler planet.

Our CIC registration is an important step to formalise the staus of the project as a recognised legal entity, superceeding our previous status as an unincorporated association. It makes explict that we exist to benefit the community, rather than using any profits to benefit shareholders or owners. Our new articles of association (PDF) set out the aims, structure and governance of the CHEESE Project CIC.