Management and organisation

The CHEESE Project was setup in 2015, Bristol's Green Capital year, by a small group of local people concerned about climate change and who wanted to make Bristol a truly sustainable city. It was formally founded as an unincorporated association in August 2016, governed by a five-member volunteer management committee working to a formal constisution (PDF). In February 2018, the CHEESE Project was granted Community Interest Company (CIC) status. For more information on the structure and organisation of the CHEESE Project, please read our articles of association (PDF).

The project is organised by a central office and operates through community segments and city partners who carry out the internal and external surveys. Community segments are partner associations based in Bristol city wards and city partners replicate the CHEESE Project, in coordination with Bristol, in other cities (more details on who we work with here).

Our central office management team consists of seven people:

Jamie and Brian
Sue and Dave


The CHEESE pilot project was setup in November 2014 with funding from Bristol Green Capital 2015 and with the support of Bristol Energy Network. Two initial small grants were awarded to Easton Energy Group and Ambition Lawrence Weston. A further two grants were awarded to the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership of £2,000 and £1,610 respectively.

For phase two of the project, the CHEESE Project recieved:

For phase three of the project, the CHEESE Project has so far received: