The CHEESE Project was setup in 2015, Bristol's Green Capital year, by a small group of local people concerned about climate change and who wanted to make Bristol a truly sustainable city. It was formally founded as an unincorporated association in August 2016, governed by a five-member volunteer management committee working to a formal constitution (PDF). In February 2018, the CHEESE Project was registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), limited by guarantee. For more information on the structure and organisation of the CHEESE Project, please read our articles of association (PDF).

The project is organised by a central office and operates through community segments and city partners who carry out the internal and external surveys. Community segments are partner associations based in Bristol city wards and city partners replicate the CHEESE Project, in coordination with Bristol, in other cities (more details on who we work with here).

Our central office management team consists of six directors and a survey manager:

The team

Michael Alford Andrews

Managing Director, Chair and acting Treasurer

Mike was a BBC TV senior producer responsible for budgets of millions of pounds while directing environmental TV series that won international awards. He subsequently ran his own company for 10 years, contributing ideas to national environment exhibitions including the Eden Project. He was a founder of the C.H.E.E.S.E project in 2014 and has worked pro bono since then.

Jeremy Birch

Technical Director

Jeremy founded a venture-capital funded software company (Pulsic Ltd, Bristol) and Friends of the Earth Bristol. With 33 years experience in software and silicon chip design, he is the author of several patents. Having developed bespoke software to power our low-cost iPhone-based survey equipment, he has trained 32 surveyors to carry out more than 200 C.H.E.E.S.E. surveys successfully. He is currently designing our own custom thermal-imaging camera based on a Raspberry-Pi computer. This system is currently at the working prototype stage. Jeremy works pro bono for the project.

Brian Harper

Director (trainer and technical development specialist)

Brian developed thermal imaging cameras, in secret, for the government in 1970s working for the Radar Research Laboratory at Malvern. He setup his own company to produce some of the first commercially-available thermal imaging camera in the world. More recently, over 5 years, he developed the innovative survey protocol which was licensed and adapted by the C.H.E.E.S.E. Project, with his help, for use with miniature thermal cameras, reducing the cost dramatically. Brian trains and supports staff to our own CPD qualifications.

Jamie Hanlon

Director and Company Secretary

Jamie joined the project in 2015, meeting Mike and Dave through the Bristol Green Capital Energy Champions initiative. He has worked as an Energy Tracer, and helped to develop the materials and process supporting C.H.E.E.S.E surveys, including the website and and back-end database system for managing surveys and data collection. Jamie works as a silicon engineer at Graphcore in Bristol, building processors for machine intelligence.

Rosamund Thomas


Roz has completed two phases as an Energy Tracer and in summer 2019 joined the team to become more involved with the project all year round. Her first tasks have been streamlining the survey process and helping the recruitment of new tracers the upcoming season. Roz has a Geography degree and has since pursued career in the energy sector, currently working as a renewable energy analyst.

Dave Tudgey

Community and Development Director

David is a community energy specialist & founder of Bristol Energy Network, through this role has supported numerous successful community energy initiatives. Notably supporting The C.H.E.E.S.E Project in its early development stages, leading the 1st cluster of home surveys via its members & energy champions programme in 2015. He continues to support the project in its development informing strategy, funding and partnerships.